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About Sound Imaging

Your Sound Diagnostic Imaging Partner

Sound Imaging Inc. is a small business located in San Diego, CA. If you would like to locate our offices, please look below.

7580 Trade Street

San Diego, CA 92121

Sound Imaging Inc. specializes in MRI parts, MRI coils, MRI service, and MRI producuts for both mobile MRI and fixed sites. Our strong team of experienced professionals make it easy to order MRI parts and MRI coils for your MRI system. Selling all of the most popular parts and supplies for MRI scanners, you can always count on Sound Imaging Inc. to have what you need.

With a strong network of hospitals and imaging centers nationwide, Sound Imaging Inc. is able to secure tested, GE serviced MRI systems and MRI parts directly from the seller. These savings are then passed down to our customers, often offering up to 60% off OEM prices!

We offer many MRI services, including an MRI service contract for MRI mobile units. We can even send out an MRI field service engineer to provide service for a GE mobile MRI scanner. Unlike other MRI service companies, Sound Imaging Inc. provides MRI service on Saturdays AND Sundays. Our knowledgeable engineers arrive to your imaging facility and completely handle MRI installation, and MRI de-installation. MRI Services from Sound Imaging Inc. include any custom MRI service agreement you feel best fits the needs of your Imaging Center. We have found in the past, our customers need flexibility in the terms of an MRI service contract. For this reason, we provide the most cost-effective MRI service solutions. Sound Imaging Inc. is a leading MRI service provider and MRI service center. We provide mobile MRI service, fixed MRI service, GE MRI Service, open MRI service, and closed MRI service as well as GE mobile MRI service.

Save thousands in broker's fees and avoid misleading trade-in offers from OEM manufacturers by selling directly to Sound Imaging Inc.

Sound Imaging offers diagnostic MRI imaging solutions. From parts, coils, accessories, and systems, Sound Imaging is your leading provider for all things MRI. We partner with the country's best hospitals and imaging centers to deliver secure tested, GE serviced systems direct from the seller. Our customers can save up to 60% off OEM prices. We offer:

MRI CoilsMRI PartsMRI Stereo SystemsMRI Equipment Repair MRI RefurbishingMRI RepairMRI Upgrades & InstallationsMRI Bore Camera SystemsMRI MaintenanceService Contracts / PMsMRI Parts RepairMobile MRI Scanners

We also sell all of the most popular parts and supplies for MRI scanners, including ACGD (SGA) Gradient Amplifier GE Part 2270055 , GE Chiller Ethylene Glycol cb-3565, GE MRI Hybrid Splitter, SCIM keyboard 2289697-2, 1.0T Head T/R 46-321336g1 and 1.5T Head T/R 46-264988g1. We also form joint ventures with local MRI imaging centers and provide them with mobile MRI units. Our most recent joint venture is with the MRI Scan Center in Lawrenceville, GA, which provides each patient with an affordable MRI scan. So if you are looking for a low cost MRI Scan Center in Lawrenceville, GA please call them at (678) 924-0964 for more information.

Sound Imaging Inc. strives to become your diagnostic imaging partner. We have built strong relationships and have earned our customers' trust by delivering the best in MRI parts and MRI services.

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Sound Imaging, Inc.

7580 Trade St.

San Diego, CA 92121

Phone: (866) 530-7850

Fax: (858) 368-9556

Who Are We?

Since 1999, Sound Imaging Inc. has been a leading MRI parts dealer, servicing imaging centers all over the nation. Read more about what Sound Imaging can do for you here +

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