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Press Releases

Sound Imaging Inc. is always aiming to reinvent our services and accessory line. Our latest press releases are for our MRI Visors, the portable MRI video entertainment system, and SAMM M.D., the motion detection MRI camera system. Read more below or look at these following press releaseTotal Comfort MRI SuiteMRI Visors Press ReleaseSAMM MD Press Release! For MRI safety, comfort and all things MRI.

San Diego, California - June 2019 - Sound Imaging Inc, is pleased to announce its new subsidiary website. After months of dedication and hard work, we are excited to announce the launch of our new website in the end of June 2019. You can now access our new website at


This new website is interactive, easy to navigate, and a user-friendly eCommerce website for all things MRI. Due to the MRI Suite specific needs, it can be difficult to find equipment that is MRI safe. helps you to meet those specific requirements. We offer products for MRI Comfort, MRI Transportation, and MRI Safety. You will find many types of accessories for the MRI Suite, like MRI Stereo, and MRI SAMM System. Regardless of your needs, we have you covered. In addition to carrying a large assortment of accessories for MRI, we have several categories dedicated to MRI safe medical equipment, including wheelchairs and furniture, in addition to many others.


“Our primary reason for creating this new website is to generate awareness about MRI safety and make MRI shopping as easy and friendly as any other shopping. MRI safety is very important and it should never be overlooked. At MRIextras, we make MRI safety and MRI Compatible products easily accessible at affordable prices," said Sunny Tabrizi, General Manager at Sound Imaging Inc."Being in the business for more than two decades we know that maintaining MRI's safety is not an easy task. We are happy to be able to create the platform to find MRI safe products all in one stop. We hope the new website provides a fresh and easy way to meet all your MRI needs. Finally, we would also like to thank all of the staff at Sound Imaging Inc who made this possible."

About Us

Sound Imaging Inc. specializes in MRI parts, MRI coils, MRI service and MRI accessories for both mobile MRI and fixed sites. Our strong team of experienced professionals makes it easy to order MRI parts and MRI coils for your MRI system. Selling all of the most popular parts and supplies for MRI scanners, you can always count on Sound Imaging Inc. to have what you need. If you have any questions or suggestions please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Sound Imaging Inc. Introduces Total Comfort MRI Suite at AHRA 2017 Conference

Summary: Sound Imaging, the leader in providing high quality,  low-cost MRI equipment, and services, presents Total Comfort MRI Suite. This suite enhances patient safety and comfort during MRI scans and will debut at the AHRA 2017 Annual Meeting in Anaheim. 

(July 6, 2017) –Sound Imaging Inc is known for inventing various innovative MRI accessories that change the way MRI scanners are used in the imaging industry. The company is participating in AHRA Annual Conference to release the Total Comfort MRI Suite, a cost-effective MRI Accessory Package. This consists of MRI Camera Monitoring SystemMRI Camera Motion Detection SystemMRI Stereo and MRI Visors. The Total Comfort MRI Suite increases patient comfort, reduces anxiety, streamlines MRI scan efficiency, and reduces overall expenses to the ever increasing cost of imaging departments at hospitals.

President at Sound Imaging Inc, Sunny Tabrizi, states “We are proud to announce the launch of our state of the art MRI Accessory Suite. Soon, we expect the suite to be in every MRI room worldwide.” Sound Imaging MRI Camera Motion Monitoring System enables technologist to easily monitor patient motions while the MRI Camera Motion Detection System analyzes patient movements that adversely affect the diagnostic quality and reduce MRI re-scans. MRI Stereo and MRI Visors both soothe claustrophobic patients during MRI scans; these both are especially helpful for the little ones who can get scared of the machine. 

Tabrizi also adds, “Sound Imaging MRI Comfort Suite results in safety and patient satisfaction. The quality of the products makes it easier and more efficient for both technologists and patients.”

Sound Imaging Inc will present the Total Comfort MRI Suite at AHRA 2017 Annual Conference in Anaheim, California, this July. Products are available with a choice of rental, lease or purchase to suit the needs of any inpatient and outpatient facility. 

Proud Partners in Your Success

Full details about the products included can be seen at these links below:

SAMM System | SAMM MD | MRI Stereo | MRI Visors



Patients can relax in MRI Scans with new video goggles MRI Visors by Sound Imaging Inc.

Summary: Provider of MRI equipment and service, Sound Imaging Inc launched a new device that helps patients stay calm and comfortable during MRI scans. The new MRI Visors are video goggles that are designed to be used during MRI scans. 

(April 25, 2017) –Sound Imaging Inc, is known for their various innovative products that aim to revolutionize the way MRI scanners are used in the imaging industry. The company is releasing a new portable MRI goggles called MRI Visors. These goggles increase patient comfort, reduce anxiety, streamline MRI scan efficiency, and reduce overall expenses to the ever increasing cost of radiology departments at hospitals.

President at Sound Imaging Inc, Sunny Tabrizi, states “We are now proud to announce the launch of our latest product. MRI Visors are video goggles that can be used to soothe difficult or claustrophobic patients during MRI scans; this is especially helpful for the little ones who can get scared of the machine. These goggles reduce the need of anesthesia during MRI scans, which then saves time and money. With calm patients, the entire procedure becomes easier for both technologists and patients.”

Tabrizi also adds, “The goggles are portable and come with therapeutic videos that help patients relax, be it children or adults. With long lasting rechargeable batteries, these goggles are a necessary item for any facility.”

Sound Imaging Inc. also will also offer included repairs and maintenance for MRI Visors. Facilities can simply send the device back to be repaired and then promptly shipped back to the hospital. The MRI Visors are now available on the company’s website with a choice of rental, lease, or purchasing. 

Full details about the product can be seen at these links below:



Sound Imaging Inc Introduces New MRI Motion Detection System to Detect Motion Artifacts in Real-Time

Summary: Providing all sorts of MRI parts, accessories and more, Sound Imaging Inc. has been in the industry since 1999. The company has now launched their latest, much anticipated motion detection system called the SAMM-MD. 

(June 20, 2019) – Based in San Diego, California, Sound Imaging Inc is a premier provider of MRI equipment and services, such as repairs and MRI accessories. The company is proud to announce the launch of their latest product that will put an end to motion artifacts in MRI scans: the SAMM-MD (Safety and Motion Monitoring – Motion Detection). Motion artifacts are distortions created in an MRI scans when a patient moves. 

Patient motion has been a problem in the MRI industry for decades. Re-scans do not only take a toll on the patient’s health but they also add to the operational and maintenance costs of MRI scanners. SAMM-MD is stated to be a highly innovative closed-camera system that is compatible with all modern MRI scanners. The system instantly detects any motion in the patient with its customizable movement threshold settings and allows for bi-directional communication. With help of SAMM-MD’s powerful software, technologists can pause the scan or restart it instantly. 

President of Sound Imaging, Sunny Tabrizi, states, “Here at Sound Imaging Inc, we are a highly client oriented company and aim to provide the most innovative products in the MRI industry. Our latest product SAMM-MD is a simple module that will improve the patient experience and cut down costs of MRI scanners. Not only that but it will also help hospitals avoid misdiagnosis due to patient motion”. 

A study titled “Toward Quantifying the Prevalence, Severity, and Cost associated with Patient Motion During Clinical MRI Examinations” and published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology estimated the extra cost per scanner due to re-scans. 

“Significant motion artifacts were identified on sequences in 7.5% of outpatient and 29.4% of inpatient and/or emergency department MR examinations. The base-case cost estimate yielded a potential cost to the hospital of $592 per hour in lost revenue due to motion artifacts. Potential institutional average costs borne (revenue forgone) of approximately $115,000 per scanner per year may affect hospitals,” stated the study.

This study demonstrates that re-scans can not only financially burden imaging departments but also lower the quality of patient care. According to Sound Imaging Inc, SAMM-MD can improve these departments and make MRI scans more efficient and much safer for patients.

More details about the product can be seen at

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