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  Since its emergence in the 1970s, MRI has become a vital tool for diagnosing, and despite various innovations and tools in the healthcare, MRI still is one of the mostly widely used tool for diagnosing. Although it’s the most trusted diagnosing method, this should not preclude a clear understanding of risks and limitations. Research says that the force of the device's 10-ton magnet is about 30,000 times as powerful as Earth's magnetic field, and 200 times stronger than a common refrigerator magnet. And if handled without care it could turn as life-threatening experience.

one such sad example is the incident that happened on 28th January in Mumbai, India recently. A man got sucked into an MRI machine at a Mumbai hospital and died minutes after he walked into the room carrying an oxygen cylinder. The family says it was a case of massive negligence, since the machine was turned on when it was supposed to be switched off and the tech had assured them it was safe to go inside. Well, though its highly debatable whom to be blamed in the issue there are certain rules that every MRI room or imaging center has to follow. Nevertheless, to recollect the death of a 6-year old boy who died due to a skull injury in a similar MRI accident in New York.

 There are many such MRI accidents that happens due to sheer negligence. What can you do to prevent such accidents, here are rules that our MRI specialists suggest to avoid MRI accidents.


Use Safety Signs:

ASTM International’s standard F2503 [14] for the marking of devices brought into the MR environment should be used. Also MRI Safety signs should be used outside MRI rooms to create awareness.


Shop for MRI safe signs and stickers


Screening  Magnets:

As the MRI has evolved over the years , so are the accessories that work MRI systems.

One such must have MRI safety accessory is the screening magnets. These screening magnets are very similar to the ones that you see in airports to detect metals. But one very customised accessory is the Tech Gate , which is attached to the doorway and needs no human assistance. It screens or checks every person entering the room , only if they are metal-free does the tech gate allows them to enter the room.


MRI safe accessories :

The accessories that needs to be used in a MRI room should be MRI safe or MRI conditional.

Not all accessories in a hospital are MRI safe or conditional. There are various online stores that is dedicated for MRI safe and conditional accessory.  MRI room needs all the accessories or tools that any other room in a hospital might need, but with a special requirement that the MRI room accessories should be MRI safe. You can find all that you need for an MRI room All the products here are tested and are MRI safe or MRI conditionals.



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