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MRI has been the most important and trust-able tool since its invention , But the recent incident about the death of a 32 year old man in an MRI machine is calling the safety of the machine into question!

Is this the first time such MRI accidents are happening? The FDA report says that there was 310% increase in MRI accidents from 2004 to 2008, after which the MRI accidents have  reduced in number but still hasn’t stopped. Let's look back into the most shocking MRI accidents that has happened in the past.

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  1. 6 year old boy died in a freak MRI accident in 2001-new York.

A 6 year old boy lost his life to the MRI machine when the machine's powerful magnetic field jerked a metal oxygen tank across the room, crushing the child's head. The tank fractured his skull and was seriously injured. Michael colombini , then died of injuries in the hospital.

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2. 79 year old War veteran died after an MRI accident.

So is the story of a 79 year old Dan Mahony who died after an MRI accident in Medford in 2009.

The 79 year old man walked into the MRI room with his metal walker. After he entered the room the magnetic field was strong that the walker yanked from under  Mahony, he fell and hit his head on the floor. 2 days later this he suffered a stroke , 2 months after which he died. The incident was followed by arguments and debate that went on between Mahony’s family and the hospital , as the hospital failed to take responsibility for his stroke as he had multiple risk factor for a stroke. The reason for his stroke still unknown, however the accident could have been avoided if the MRI safety rules were followed.


3. Police officer’s gun flies from his hand  as he enters the MRI room.

A police officer in Illinois was investigating a burglary inside a doctors system, the gun flew away from his hand responding to the magnetic force. Since there is no way to quickly disable the magnetic force, the firearm remained immovable and no one was allowed inside the building.

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4.2003, a New Mexico woman injured in head in a MRI accident.

In 2003, a New Mexico woman sued a Los Alamos hospital, claiming the magnetic pull of an MRI caused an oxygen tank to hit her in the back.


There are various other MRI accidents that have happened in the past causing minor and major injuries. There might also be some accidents that went unreported and unnoticed.


If monitored properly , MRI is on the best diagnosis method.What are the best practices to stay safe with MRI and make the best use of the cool machine? Stay tuned to our next blog post to know the best MRI safety practices.


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