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Our previous articles about shocking MRI accidents in the past have created quite a stir among MRI techs, patients, and radiologists. Why do MR accidents keep happening?  How can Technology improve MRI safety?

This article will walk you through the various technological advancements that could improve an MRI room safety




The American College of Radiology recommends various safety procedures to keep your MRI facility and your patients safe. One of the most emphasized practice is gowning where the patient has to undergo two levels of the check from the MR techs to ensure they do not have any metal or ferromagnetic objects. But how far can you trust manual checking? If so, why do we have so many MRI  accidents? Manual operations cannot be error free and that is why you need technology to solve the crisis. Our MRI specialists recommend that every facility should have a screening device. The popular tools to screen the patients completely are:

  1. MRI hand-held metal detector: Save patients and staff from embarrassing and hazardous situations. The MRI Hand Held Metal Detector features large scan surface with sensitivity reduction switch. It is NOT MRI SAFE  but it is To be used outside the MRI environment.


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B.  Screening Magnet :

This Powerful  Handheld Magnet is ideal for Magnetic Resonance Screening/Sites to screen patients and devices for possible ferromagnetic properties prior to entering MRI environments Zones III and IV. The magnet itself is composed of a neodymium - a so-called rare earth magnet - that permits it to lose its strength extremely slowly.

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C. Tech Gate:

The Tech Gate, which is attached to the doorway and needs no human assistance. It screens or checks every person entering the room, only if they are metal-free does the tech gate allows them to enter the room.



Is the patient safe after the initial screenings? Even after the patient is safe to enter  and there are no major potential risks involved,  the patient still require constant monitoring. Infact experts say that the all the pathways, entrances and zone 4 should be under direct supervision and observation of MRI techs and security’s ? But again , Is this feasible just with manual help? Not always. So what accessories can help your facility to have a constant supervision or observation?


  One of the best accessory for this is the Patient monitoring camera System-Motion detector commonly known as the SAMM-MD. Lets walk you through the best features of SAMM-MD and how it can turn your MR facility risk-free:


The SAMM-MD is High definition camera systems along with a motion detecting software which constantly monitors the patient during a scan and notifies the tech everytime the patient moves allowing him to pause the scan and attend the patient.

Not just that, The SAMM-MD constantly records every activity in Zone-4 and alerts the tech or security if there is any suspicious activity or Movement in the Zone 4 of MRI room.


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