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How to Not Dread Your Next MRI Scan

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All too often in the medical field, we forget about the patient's experience. Usually, healthcare providers are more concerned with treating a symptom and moving onto the next thing. We miss the personal interaction. Because we forget about the the person behind the patient, often times patients dread coming to their next appointment.

One such blog written by Samira Rajabi, who survived a brain tumor, details her fear about getting her next MRI scan. How many others have this same horrible dread when they are getting a MRI scan? And while the MRI scan may not necessarily be the source of their distress, more often than not, it adds to the building anxiety.

While there is little we can do to change a diagnosis from an imaging standpoint, there is much we can to improve the patient's MRI experience. An MRI scan does not need to be another source of anxiety; it can be a source of reassurance if the right steps are taken. 

At Sound Imaging, this is one of the main reason we designed our line of MRI Accessories. This MRI equipment is meant to make the scanning process easier, as with SAMM System and SAMM MD, and allow your patient to feel at ease, as with MRI Stereo and MRI Visors. You can improve your patient's experience and help them through an already challenging phase. 

This is an adapted article; to read Samira's full story, visit this online journal. Picture is taken from an online source.

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Customer Reviews

We love the SAMM System. We got it set up about two weeks ago. Thanks so much!

Cyndi McCauley, MRI Dept. Manager

We haven't turned any MRI patients away since we began leasing a mobile MRI trailer 24/7 from Sound Imaging.

Dr. Lowe, M.D.

Since we started using the SAMM System, we've had many positive remarks from patients because it increased their comfort.

Dr. Sardo, M.D

The CTL Coil we bought looked brand new, I couldn't believe it was pre-owned!

Paul Morgan, Site Engineer

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